AUTC Newsletter 26 March

Autumn Season

Autumn season is fast approaching, with the first game on Thursday the 4th of April. If you'd like to play, get in quick; nominations close tomorrow on Wednesday the 27th!

If you're new to touch, Autumn is the perfect time to start playing. Don't worry if you're not sure of all the rules, we can slot you into a team matching your level of experience. The refs understand that a lot of people are new, and will explain the game as you go along.

The costs are $40 for the Autumn season, plus $10 annual AUTC membership and $0 for the AU sports association membership if you're a student ($88 if you're a non-student and $22 if you're a junior). To sign up, simply follow these steps:

  1. Head to this link. (if you don't have an account you'll be prompted to register)
  2. Join the autumn players group.
  3. Purchase the required products.

The Autumn season consists of back to back 20 minute games. Games are played on Thursdays between 6 and 9pm at City Touch. The grounds are located in the south eastern parklands on Greenhill Road between Glen Osmond Road and Beaumont Road. If you're driving there's ample parking on site, and buses depart regularly from the city.



Thanks to everyone who showed up to training yesterday, we had a fantastic turnout! It was great to see a mix of old and new faces.

Training will take a week's break due to the public holiday, recommencing on Monday the 8th of April. For those who haven't been, training starts 6:00pm on park 12 (located just across the footbridge north of the uni). Sessions run for around 1.5 hours, with players of all skill levels welcome.


The new AUTC uniforms have been ordered! They're available for purchase on the uni sport website, and are expected to be delivered by the second week of Autumn season. If you're new to the club it will be OK to wear a black shirt while you're waiting for your uniform to arrive.

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